PowrPods Interactive Marketing Hub are cutting-edge marketing solutions designed to captivate and engage consumers while offering a practical benefit – charging their mobile phones. It’s a versatile and customisable platform that can be branded to suit your company’s image and message.

The superb range of British designed PowrPods are so flexible they are a perfect fit for every business.

The superfast wired and wireless charging facility creates a magnetic field by attracting all consumers to this free essential service to keep them connected. The touch free hand sanitiser dispenser helps to keep all consumers safe.

The 18.5″ digital screen incorporates a 7.1 android operating systems which allows for any size of advertising campaigns, allows all video gaming to be transmitted and can be converted into a gambling portal. This superfast capacitive screen is basically a giant computer tablet that can operate via Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and USB memory Stick.

The slick unique style of both the Bistro and Casual dining charging stations provide multiple highly visible areas for branding. Instant brand awareness is fully achieved even before the phone is connected. Once the consumers phone is connected and charging, for the next 20 – 30 minutes YOUR brand and message is right there, no one walks away leaving their phone!

The PowrPod computerised LED screen displays content uploaded by PowrAds our proprietary cloud-based management system that will revolutionise the future of advertising.

Join the likes of Manchester United, Boohoo & Kwik Fit in implementing a PowrPod in your business.